Bahrain HHH
HASH e-mail:
Mixed Hash
Postal - P.O.Box 26811, Manama, Bahrain
Runs: Monday 5pm
(Country Code 973)
Info correct at 14/09/07
Contact Handle Position Phone Fax E-Mail
Brian Davis Budget G.M. 17 862620 (Hash Line)
3 9477793 (m)
17 535402
Annie Keane Gobbler Grand Mattress 17725471 -
David Bloomer Blooper  RA 39670608 (m) -
David Townsend Sandy Vulva Hash Cash 39316311 (m)
Peter Wildbore Belly Dancer Hon. Sex 39924425 (m) -
Andrew Savage Bottom Crawler Hash Cheers 39606439 (m) -
Ruth Judge Miss Whiplash Haberdasher  39875122 (m) -
Clive Bailey Jammy Bastard De-Scribe 39070659 (m) -
Peter Whittall Drag Queen Hare Raiser 39694138 (m) -
Vanessa Bloomer  She’s A Goa Raffles 39225560 (m) -

Bahrain's first Hash, established in 1972 by Geoff Whitehead, we have now reached over 1600 runs and celebrate our 31st anniversary this year.
BBQ every week - bring your own food (usually). Bring a torch in Winter

Budget & Blooper have been there for ever and should be considered prime contacts.